9/11 families and top Democrats demand Biden finally release FBI records thought to reveal Saudi government’s role in the attacks

The Biden administration announced on Monday that the Department of Justice would review a series of classified FBI documents with an eye towards disclosing them, hoping to head off a confrontation with 9/11 families and fulfill a campaign promise. 

But both the families and top Democratic senators still say more should be done. Last week, a group of senators introduced the September 11 Transparency Act of 2021, a bipartisan bill backed by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer that would mandate the CIA, the DOJ, and the Director of National Intelligence declassify documents that could reveal whether the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia played any role in the attacks. 

Yet Biden’s announcement only applied to the DOJ, which a group of families took note of.

“This announcement is a necessary but insufficient step towards transparency, accountability and above all, justice,” said Terry Strada, the national chair of 9/11 Families & Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism, in a press release. She also called it a “half-hearted, insufficient commitment to transparency.”

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