9/11 Families United National Chair: Newly Declassified Evidence Shows Saudi Officials Complicit in 9/11 Attacks

Washington, D.C. – 9/11 Families United National Chair Terry Strada joined News Nation this week to discuss newly declassified evidence that officials working for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provided funding and logistical support for the terrorist hijackers prior to the attacks. It has been almost 23 years since the fatal terrorist attacks on our nation and victims’ families are still awaiting justice. 

A recent piece published by The Atlantic by two leading foreign policy experts argues this new evidence “suggests that the actions [Saudi agents] took to support the hijackers were actually deliberate, sustained, and carefully coordinated with other Saudi officials,” further explaining why the Kingdom and its lobbyists continue fighting to block the Ensuring Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act (EJVTA) from reaching President Biden’s desk — and continue refusing to accept culpability for their role in the terror attacks on 9/11. 

The evidence includes a notepad depicting a plane alongside a mathematical formula to calculate the distance at which a target on the ground will be visible from a certain altitude and numerous videotapes, one of which shows structural features, entrances, and security posts of the U.S. Capitol. This particular evidence was seized by British authorities from a known Saudi agent, Omar al-Bayoumi.

“The truth is our best weapon against history repeating itself, and the American public have been kept in the dark for over two decades. So, it is vital that they understand the truth about who attacked us, why they did it and how they did it so that we can prevent this from ever happening again … The financial network that countries like Saudi Arabia, [which] were fully funding al Qaeda, and they were funding the attacks and they were giving the logistical support, and I don’t know how we can believe that the support network has ever been dismantled because [the U.S. government] never admitted that it existed in the first place.” – National Chair, Terry Strada