9/11 group requests meeting with Biden in push for Saudi Arabia documents release

9/11 group has requested an in-person meeting with President Biden as the nation will this fall mark 20 years since the terrorist attacks, and families of victims still search for answers. 

This is not the first time 9/11 Community United has requested a meeting, but the somber date is only six weeks away. Sources close to Biden indicated this week that the president plans to visit the memorial site on Sept. 11; he also marked the date as the deadline for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. 

Members of Community United don’t want gestures, though; they want answers. The group is seeking documents from the government that are central to a yearslong lawsuit it filed against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

“Twenty years is far too long for anybody, especially considering it’s the biggest mass-murder, terrorist attack on American soil,” Community United co-chair Brett Eagleson told Fox News. “The families deserve the truth, justice and closure, and we need to get that from our government.”