Former CIA Officer on Saudi Government Agent’s Pre-9/11 “Casing” Video of U.S. Capitol: This is a video in which they are clearly casing from a tradecraft perspective. There’s no way around this.”

In case you missed it, former CIA officer and NewsNation national security contributor Tracy Walder responded to the latest never-before-seen “casing” video of the U.S. Capitol shot before the 9/11 attacks by a Saudi national identified by the FBI as an intelligence operative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Omar Al-Bayoumi.

Walder recalled CIA meetings with the Saudi government following the attacks on 9/11 as “…members of the Saudi government denying all involvement in this attack. It really is enraging to see this unfold in front of my face, and then to be lied to by the government in the meetings.”

Appearing on NewsNation Prime, Walder stated, “If we really follow the money, I think that will tell us a lot about (the intel officer who took the video). He was being paid by the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. He was working on behalf of Saudi intelligence. So, I think it’s going to become very difficult at some point for the Saudis to say that they had no knowledge of this.”

While powerful lobbyists and lawyers representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are attempting to keep evidence like this under wraps and deny involvement, Walder notes this is anything but an innocent recording, “[W]hen you look at the subtitles and you look at what they’re talking about, this is a video in which they are clearly casing from a tradecraft perspective. There’s no way around this. This is not just another tourist video” Walder said. 

Over the weekend, National Chair of 9/11 Families United, Terry Strada, slammed the lack of transparency by our government over the last 20-plus years regarding the worst terrorist attack in American history, saying:

“The Kingdom has a very powerful hold on the Department of Justice, and they put so much pressure to keep everything buried because they do not want to take responsibility for what their countrymen did on 9/11. It’s all about the Kingdom pulling the strings and burying the evidence and our Department of Justice caving to their threats….there is a defense pact going on right now that I’m sure we (the 9/11 families) are being used as pawns…they are talking about putting our U.S. military on Saudi soil if they are attacked. All of this is extremely egregious when they so brutally attacked us on September 11th.”

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