9/11 Families United Statement on Saudi Government Agent’s “Casing” Video Of U.S. Capitol For Al-Qaeda Before 9/11 Attack

Retired FBI Agent Who Led 9/11 Investigation Calls Video “Another Very Large Brick in a Massive Wall of Evidence” Regarding Saudi Government Complicity in 9/11

Washington, D.C. – Last night, in a major national security exclusive report, CBS News published a chilling “casing” video of the U.S. Capitol shot before the 9/11 attacks by Omar Al-Bayoumi, who the FBI identified as a Saudi intelligence agent. The never-before-seen video was obtained by the London Metropolitan Police but was never made available to the 9/11 Commission, even though the London MPS had shared it with the FBI. It was recently introduced as evidence in U.S. federal court by the 9/11 community as it pursues accountability from the Kingdom for its role in the murder of thousands of innocent Americans.

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CBS News reports the video details the U.S. Capitol’s structural features, entrances, and security posts, and Bayoumi provides extensive narration to “the esteemed brothers.” In 2017, the FBI definitively determined Bayoumi was a “cooptee” of Saudi intelligence who received a monthly stipend from the Saudi government. He is also known to have “provided substantial assistance” to the terrorist hijackers.

Retired FBI agent Richard Lambert, who led the initial 9/11 investigation in San Diego where Bayoumi and several of the hijackers resided before the attacks, told CBS News, “[I]t is another very large brick in a massive wall of evidence that at this point demonstrates the Saudi government was complicit in the 9/11 attacks.”

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its army of lawyers and lobbyists have long sought to keep evidence of its role in the 9/11 attacks hidden from the American public,” 9/11 Families United National Chair Terry Strada said today. “With the public release of this new evidence, which was not made available to the 9/11 Commission, it is critical that the American people be allowed to finally see all the evidence and for our ongoing legal battle against the Kingdom to no longer be sealed behind closed doors in federal court.  The 9/11 community, and all Americans, deserve complete transparency and accountability for the brutal attack on our country and the murder of thousands of Americans on U.S. soil.”

“This is also a reminder why Congress must enact the Ensuring Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act (EJVTA) this year and keep their promise to support victims of terrorism,” Strada said.  “While high-priced Saudi lobbyists are actively fighting to block this legislation, Members of Congress must not be swayed by their deceitful and desperate pleas for cover and stand with the 9/11 community against the Kingdom’s influence campaign and bring this to the finish line.  We expect our elected officials to recognize that ‘business as usual’ is no longer acceptable. Congress must pass the EJVTA.”


  • CBS News previously reported on the plane drawings and flight calculations that were also uncovered belonging to Al-Bayoumi. Retired FBI agent DannyGonzalez, who worked on Operation Encore, told CBS News last fall that he believes Bayoumi was part of the hijackers’ U.S.-based support network.
  • As first reported by CBS News in August 2021, the FBI twice quizzed an American pilot in 2012 about the significance of the hand-drawn plane and mathematical equation. According to a sworn declaration for the court, the pilot said it might be used to view a target and then calculate the rate of descent to the target. “I shared with the FBI my opinion that there was a reasonable basis to believe that the drawing and equation were used as part of the preparations of the al Qaeda, terrorists to carry out the 9/11 attacks,” Navy veteran and pilot Robert M. Brown said.”


Click Here to learn more about the EJVTA and to see a September 2023 letter signed by thousands of 9/11 community members to Congress in support of this legislation.

  • The EJVTA is a modest, technical corrections bill to address three drafting oversights in the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) and the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA).  These technical corrections break no new policy ground but simply:
  • Reaffirm that the ATA’s aiding and abetting liability cause of action applies to foreign states;
    • Provide that those facing judgments face the routine execution procedures in like cases and;
    • Ensure that all damaged and injured parties can bring their claims.
  • The EJVTA is supported by over 99% of September 11 victims’ family members, injured survivors, and those who are sick and dying from 9/11-related illnesses—more than 10,000 Americans seeking justice for the murder of their loved ones and injured survivors.

Since JASTA’s passage, the 9/11 community has been pursuing justice and accountability in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. That court’s misinterpretations of JASTA have made EJVTA necessary.

About 9/11 Families United:

9/11 Families United is an organization consisting of family members of those murdered in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as well as many of those who survived, were injured or sickened from the attacks. More information is at www.911familiesunited.org.